Census 2000 Adjusted Data

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Details on the data files:

These materials are similar to the content and organization of the files produced for P.L. 94-171.  There are four tables, and one geographic file.  There are 3 separate files for each state. File 1 contains tables 1 and 2; File 2 contains tables 3 and 4; and File 3 contains the geographic detail.

The data are supplied for all states and all levels of geography.  The files are compressed; the approximate compressed file size is 550 mb.  The full set of materials can be copied onto one 600 mb CD.  The files must be uncompressed in order to use them for analysis and statistical purposes.

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Alabama (11.4 meg) Alaska (1.7 meg) Arizona (10.4 meg) Arkansas (9.3 meg) California (43 meg)
Colorado (10.3 meg) Connecticut (4.6 meg) Deleware (1.4 meg) District of Columbia (.5 meg) Florida (24.1 meg)
Georgia ( 15 meg) Hawaii (2 meg) Idaho (5.1 meg) Illinois (27.3 meg) Indiana (14 meg)
Iowa (10.3 meg) Kansas (10.6 meg) Kentucky (7.5 meg) Louisiana (10.2 meg) Maine (3.3 meg)
Maryland (6.8 meg) Massachusetts (9 meg) Michigan (18.8 meg) Minnesota (13 meg) Mississippi (8.9 meg)
Missouri (15.7 meg) Montana (4.8 meg) Nebraska (7.8 meg) Nevada (4.2 meg) New Hampshire (2.2 meg)
New Jersey (12.6 meg) New Mexico (7.9 meg) New York (26.3 meg) North Carolina (16.6 meg) North Dakota (4.4 meg)
Ohio (18.6 meg) Oklahoma (11.8 meg) Oregon (9 meg) Pennsylvania (22.9 meg) Puerto Rico (5.2 meg)
Rhode Island (1.7 meg) South Carolina (9.8 meg) South Dakota (4.5 meg) Tennessee (12 meg) Texas (45.6 meg)
Utah (5.1 meg) Vermont (1.5 meg) Virginia (11 meg) Washington (13.9 meg) West Virginia (5.3 meg)
Wisconsin (12.3 meg) Wyoming (3.4 meg)