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Census of Population and Housing, 2000 (U.S.) Resources [Website] (M789V1)


(1) Enumerative Statistics, (2) Census - 2000, (3) Population Research - Census, (4) California, (5) Geospatial Data

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(1) U.S. Bureau of the Census

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Web Access 2000 Census Short Form
Web Access 2000 Census Long Form
Web Access Census forms and information for 1790-2000
Web Access 1970-2000 PUMS Variable Crosswalk
Web Access 2000 Census Data Products by Geography
Web Access 2000 Census Notes and Errata
Web Access Accuracy and Coverage Evaluation: Design and Methodology
Web Access Accuracy of the Data
Web Access Technical Note on Same-Sex Unmarried Partner Data (2000 and 1990)
Web Access Guide to Data on the Older Population in Summary Files 1-3
Web Access Overview of Race and Hispanic Origin
Web Access Analysis of Data Quality for the Question on Hispanic Origin
Web Access Census 2000 Geographic Products and Information
Web Access Census 2000 Geographic Terms and Concepts
Web Access Master Area Geographic Glossary of Terms (University of Missouri)
Web Access Changes in Census Geography
Web Access Redefinition of Census Statistical Areas Based on 2000 Census
Web Access 2000 Census Gazetteer
Web Access Urban and Rural Criteria
Web Access Census Block Strategy
Web Access U.S. Census Bureau guide to Census Tract Resources (1990 and 2000)
Web Access 1990-2000 Census Tract Relationship Data
Web Access 1990-2000 Census Block Relationship Data
Web Access Metropolitan Area Standards Review Project
Web Access North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS)
Web Access Bridge Between Standard Industrial Classifications and NAICS
Web Access Standard Occupational Classifications Homepage (BLS)
Web Access Standard Occupational Classifications Census Page
Web Access Population and Household Economic Topics
Web Access Uses for Census Questions
Web Access American Factfinder
Web Access "California Counts" publications using 2000 Census Data
Web Access Fast Facts for 108th Congress
Web Access Merging Summary File Geo and Segment files in PC based SPSS